How to Maintain Sand Washer Properly?

Good preparation can be regarded as the first step of everything. When it comes to using sand washer or stone crusher, one also should know some basic maintenance methods or you should basically know how to maintain sand washer properly?

1. Change the lubricating oil one month after the full-time staff first added oil to reducer. And the lubricating oil is ought to be filtered before added into the reducer. When it comes to the type of lubricating oil, you are supposed to choose the more viscous one if you are in southern area.
2. Check the oil lever of the reducer regularly. As well as the meshing degree and lubrication condition of gears, the tightness of triangular belt and the looseness of fasteners. The full-time staff must guarantee that the machine is in normal stable working condition. At the same time, the friction parts need to be in adequate lubrication. Adding grease regularly is also important for maintaining sand washer.
3. The full-time staff are supposed to be equipped with the necessary repairing tools, as well as lubricating oil and corresponding accessories.
4. Dedicated technical staff are ought to take responsibility for guarding over the sand washer during it is working. The operation staff have to possess the necessary technical. The operation staff must take technical operation training to understand the principle and performance of sand washer before the installation of sand washer. The operation staff must be familiar with the operation procedures too.
5. The stator and the rotor are both piled up with silicon steel sheet insulated from each other. They are the motor parts of the magnetic circuit. Damage and deformation of the stator and the rotor result from lots of reasons. First of all, bearings wear excessively will cause overheating of the motor. In this situation, the staffs are supposed to remove the burr with smooth file in order to avoid short circuit. Make the stator and the rotor coated with insulating varnish after cleaning up. Second, workers’ power is too large during the demolition of the old winding. Then, stolen slot skew. In this condition, the staff are ought to reset the slot with long nose pliers and wooden hammer. Third, the surface of the core affected with damp is easy to rust. In this case, the full-time staff should polish the surface of core with sandpaper. Paint these parts with insulating varnish after cleaning up. Fourth, high fever burned core and teeth. In this case, the full-time staff are ought to clean weld deposit out with chisel and blade. Paint these parts with insulating varnish and dry them. Finally, if positioning screws lose efficacy, we can drill holes on the engine base again and install new positioning screws.

Sand washer is widely used in construction sites, gravel plants, hydroelectric plants, concrete dam site and other industries.

The tips for maintaining sand washer and those for stone crusher are largely identical but with minor differences. However, the most important thing is your love for machines. I wish your machines would work stably and have long life with tips mentioned above.

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