Tips on Protecting Stone Crusher from Damage

Stone crusher is very important. It is widely applied in building and mining. It is a necessary work to do daily maintenance and checking for stone crusher to protect the stone crusher from damage. It can decrease the operation fault and machine halt, and reduce loss and cost of businessperson.

Firstly, the operator should open stone crusher door at regular intervals to observe inside abrasion condition, including feed tube of center, conical cap, flow channel board of impeller, circular plate and wear plate. If you find serious abrasion condition, you should exchange or repair the new one. In order to avoid dangerous condition, the operator must not open the observe door when stone crusher is working. When you find abrasion condition of impeller, you had better get specialized factory to repair it rather than making it by yourself.

Secondly, you should add proper lubricating grease to making sand machine when it operates about 400 hours. Please clean spindle assembly when it operate up to 2000 hours. You must replace it with a new one when it operates up to 7200 hours. You had better adjust properly tension strength of triangle belt transmission to guarantee length of every group as long as possible, and triangle belt transmission conducts group selection.

Thirdly, the operator should keep away from stone crusher and take care of self-safety when it is in operation, because it is an equipment of high speed running up. If the operator needs to repair it, it must be cut electricity and stopped working.

In addition, the operator should pay attention to the following conditions to check stone crusher. When oil temperature of bearing rises, the operator should examine and eliminate it. When the wheel gear sends out impact voice when operating, the operator should stop operation. Besides, the operator should check the new tire that is easier to be loose regularly. In daily working, pay attention to every element of stone crusher. When you find abrasion condition, examine the degree of abrasion in time and replace it. The lubricating oil must be clean and keep sealed well, because oil has a direct effect on lifespan of bearing and running rate of stone crusher.

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