Different Lifespan of Stone Crusher

Stone crusher is also called rock crusher , which is currently the most advanced system of artificial application of plastic equipment.

Lifespan of stone crusher is enhanced greatly due to internal spring mechanism. Internal pressure resistance ability can effectively extend the service life of stone crusher. Stone crusher adopts the device USES dry oil and two sealing methods to prevent dust impurities from entering the device body. It protects effectively the body internal cleanliness and prolongs the service life of bearing, the spring mechanism.

The following tips will teach you some methods to prolong and delay its lifespan of stone crusher. Firstly, you should fix personnel responsible for the supervision of stone crusher in the using process. The operator must have certain technical knowledge. You should organize technical training for operator before installation and make them fully understand the principle of stone crusher performance and be in familiar with operation procedures. In addition, you need to develop operation system of equipment maintenance security in order to ensure the safe operation of machine for a long time. At the same time, you should have the necessary maintenance tools and the accessories of the grease.

Secondly, after a period of using stone crusher, you should carry on the inspection to check whether there is loose phenomenon and whether the grease on the rolling bearing must be cleaned. If the damage is serious, you should replace it. For refueling tools, you can choose manual oil or grease gun. Last, in using process, you should be in strict accordance with the instructions. Besides, you should ask professional maintenance technicians if it fails. In order to avoid suffering stress on only point, you should make inner ring coordinate well with outer ring. If you make outer ring coordinate more loosely, outer ring may produce small range move, and it will add up more maximum stress point. As a result, it can prolong service life of stone crusher.

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