The Reasons for Maintaining Stone Crusher Regularly

Stone crusher is also called vertical impact crusher, which is currently the most advanced system of artificial application of plastic equipment. Regular maintenance is for sake of making stone crusher working better and delaying the service life.

Stone crusher is widely used in construction machinery because it has various advantages: compact structure, stable working, convenient operation and energy saving. If you maintain it regularly, it will greatly improve the failure rate.

According to the cycle length of easy wear parts, you should maintain equipment in a planned way, which is called the system of planned maintenance. Plan maintenance is divided into overhaul, general repairing and minor repairing. Minor repairing is mainly to check the equipment especially the wear parts such as thrust plate, the thrust plate bearing degree of tear and crushing plate. You should check the eccentric bearing, connecting rod bearing, moving jaw hanging shaft bearing wear and any other defects. If there is peeling and badly worn or agglutination, its bearing should be replaced. It is advisable to check the eccentricity of uranium and moving jaw-hanging shaft.

You should do regular maintenance of stone crusher. It is advisable to check each part of the impeller of wearing parts and abrasion of sheeting and ensure it is firm and reliable. You should check the frame screw connecting with main body electric is fastening, and securing interface level off, ensuring motor pulley is in the same line with host wheels, adjusting belt tightness. You should clean the inside of stone crusher cavity in order to control machine in time. Before starting the operation, you must check the oil supply situation of lubrication station and whether the bearing cylinder oil seal is a lack of grease. You should check the major pars of electric control cabinet and ensure it is working correctly. The major parts of electric cabinet are including voltage, insurance, AC contactor, programmable controller, the main switch and light. You should clean net once a month and replace oil at a time of six months. In addition, you must check the host whether is running smoothly, and whether there is abnormal of motor current overload.

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