Tips on Repairing Stone Crusher

According to the cycle length of easy wear parts, you should maintain equipment in a planned way, which is called the system of planned maintenance. Plan maintenance is divided into overhaul, general repairing and minor repairing of stone crusher .

Minor repairing is also called missile detection. It almost goes on every ten days to a month. Minor repairing is mainly to check the equipment especially the wear parts such as thrust plate, the thrust plate bearing degree of tear and crushing plate. You should check the bolt whether loose or not. If there is loose or fasten, it should be analyzed. You should check the oil amount whether is insufficient to supplement. You also should clean lubrication oil filter.

General repairing is conducted on the basis on the missile detection according to the problems found in the repairing plan, and then you determine the need to replace the parts and are ready to work. It almost goes on every three months to six months. You should check the thrust plate, the thrust plate bearing wear. If it is necessary, it should be replaced. You must check the broken plate, the wear degree of side guard. When it is necessary, you should use adjustable head or replace letters. You must check the pull rod and rod spring to ensure whether there are cracks or lack of elasticity. It is necessary to clean the filter. You may look for fracture belt when it breaks out, and then replacing it. Please remember to check and change adjustment wedge iron and bolts. You should check the frame, moving jaw to find whether there is defect such as cracks.

Overhaul is to maintain the stone crusher. Its main working is every three years or four years. You should replace the eccentric shaft bearing, connecting rod bearing and bushing. You should replace the broken board or turn around it. Besides, you must replace the thrust plate. In addition, you may check the abrasion of eccentric shaft, dynamic suspension shaft. It is necessary to repair or replace it. You should check the wear condition of oil pump gear. If it is necessary, remember to replace it. Do not forget to clean lubricating system and oil. You should timely solve equipment operation problem such as oil leakage and bearing heating.

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