A Brief Guidance of Using Cone Crusher

(A) Preparations before the starting of the cone crusher.
1, you should carefully check the lubrication of the bearing, check if there is sufficient grease between the bearing brackets.
2, you should carefully check that all fasteners are completely fastened.
3, you should check if the protective device is good or not, solve the problems once any unsafe ties is to be found.
4, immediately remove the ore or other debris if they are found in the crushing chamber.

(B)The start-up of the cone crusher
1, The machine can be started only if you have proved machines and transmission part is normal through inspection.
2, This machine can not be started with load.
3, If any abnormal occurred after starting, you should stop the machine immediately and restart only if it is identified to exclude risks.

(C) The maintenance and operation of cone crusher
1, Start the cone crusher before feeding.
2, Feeding the materials evenly into the crushing cavity and carefully avoid side feed so that prevent the load mutation or unilateral loads.
3, Under the normal working conditions, the bearing temperature shall not rise exceed 30 degree, the maximum temperature must not exceed 70 degree, or you should stop immediately and identify the reasons and eliminate.
4, Stop feeding before turn off the machine, the cone crusher can be shut down until the broken material completely empty out from the crushing chamber.
5, While in use, immediately turn off the motor if the crushing cavity was blocked with materials.You can restart it after the materials are all discharged.
6, Use another end of the cone crusher plate if it is worn.

(D) The lubrication of cone crusher
1, Check regular the lubrication of the friction surfaces and smooth operations regularly, ensuing the proper functioning and longer service life of the machine.
2, The grease using for this cone crusher should be decided according to the environment, temperature and other conditions, generally calcium, sodium or calcium sodium based grease can be used.
3, The adding grease volume is about 40-70%. It must be replaced every three months and the bearing and bearing plate should be cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene.
4, Grease must be added to the junction between the elbow board and ancon plate prior to start.

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