How to Maintain Cone Crusher to Prolong Its Lifespan?

As an advanced machine, cone crusher plays a vital role in the process of building construction; its expense is undoubtedly relatively high. So good maintenance is entailed. Among the amount of maintaining process, keep the hydraulic pressure system and hydraulic pressure oil clean is one of the most important part. To make sure have a good performance of this part, one should realize the following aspects:

1. Follow the products instructions to choose appropriate hydraulic pressure oil, please pay more attention to the oil kinds, requirement of the accuracy and keep in mind that do not mix with other brands into use.
2. It will be better to use closed tank and install an air filter.
3. Be sure no accessing of moisture, dust, fiber objects and other machine-invading objects into the cone crusher.
4. When the cone crusher is working, the oil amount should be appropriate and keep in a certain scale.
5. Components and working system should be cleaned before putting into use. In addition, change filter regularly.

When cone crushers stopped working for over stone or power off at haphazard, one can change the direction-change valve of hydraulic pressure system and fill oil in the secure jar. At this moment, the upper part of the cone crusher put up in parallel, and then the stone blocking in the machine can exude out smoothly. After those unbroken objects exude out, you can change the new direction- changed of hydraulic pressure system again.

When the cone crusher is put into use, the hydraulic pressure cone crusher oil would be oxidized for the change of temperature and the affection of sunshine so that the viscosity will change. You can judge the oxidization level from the color and favor of hydraulic pressure oil. If the color presents black or tan and fetid, it proves being oxidized. And the tanner and more fetid it is, the higher level of oxidization it is. So what should you do next? Of course, change new oil.

Another phenomenon is if the moisture contained in the cone crusher mixed in the oil, it will lower the efficiency of lubrication and rot metal.

Above are some tips for users to maintain cone crushers. It is a little sophisticate to keep in mind, but it is also very useful. Take good maintenance of all kinds of cone crushers can not only bring good efficiency in your work, lower the working time, but also prolong the life span of cone crushers. It is very vital to take good maintenance for that cone crushers are of very high expense no matter for buying new equipment new components or just for maintaining in good condition. What’s more, it can prolong cone crushers’ lifespan though it burdens a great deal of work.

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