Reasons for Checking Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is widely used in construction machinery because it has various advantages: compact structure, stable working, convenient operation and energy saving. If you maintain it well, it will greatly improve the failure rate.

When we choose and buy a cone crusher, we will pay attention to checking and maintaining working. The determination of general repairing cycle should be formulated according to the actual condition of equipment in reference to machinery and equipment knowledge. It can be roughly classified as minor repairing, general repairing and overhaul.

According to some statistics showing, hydraulic system failure of core cone crusher is due to liquid pressure and oil contaminated. Crusher valve used in the hydraulic system components such as relative movement between fitting surface and fitting clearance will plug the gaps and holes and hinder the movement of the oil. For example, if impurities enter into cone crusher valve, it may damage the valve body and cause valve seal lax or ineffective. If oil sewage is overmuch, it will block filter and make system cycle prevented and higher temperature of system. Therefore, cone crusher is the key of the maintenance of hydraulic system. You should keep hydraulic system and hydraulic oil clean.

With the cone crusher working time, the accumulation of broken plate ear will increase. The size of broken particle can be larger and broken power consumption will also increase. Therefore, you should often adjust the discharge gap and keep it in the appropriate scope. Only doing that can make cone crusher be in good effect always.

The main function of cone crusher lubrication is to prevent the moving and abrasion of shaft sleeve. Therefore, you should select correct lubricating oil and ensure the proper oil pressure. It is advisable to fill lubricating oil in time and quantity in case of water and dust pollution. You should change lubricating oil after a period of time.

Hydraulic cone crusher should guarantee the reliability of hydraulic parts. You should ensure hydraulic parts not to be affected by water and dust pollution and prevent hydraulic oil leakage because each hydraulic part is based on precision component. You should check whether there is any fasten or loose phenomenon periodically. General cone crusher should guarantee the empty start parking. The inertia cone crusher machine should ensure full feeding start parking. It’ time stop if the abnormal situation appears, then finding the reason and handle it after it restarts.

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