How to Repair Cone Crushers?

Cone crusher is widely used in fields of those main parts like frame body, adjusting devices, crushing hammer and drive shaft. Cone crusher is appropriate with crushing all kinds of stone with medium-hard rigidity. So you can choose the one for your requirement.

Another important issue you should keep in mind is choosing the product from the right manufacturer. For that you can have less cases to deal with after-sale service and a good quality product can low your working time and make your work more effective. SO before making purchase of a cone crusher, please take the capacity, reputation and scale of manufactures into consideration and search information about them as much as possible.

When cone crusher is working, electromotor will spin through belt ring or coupler. Coupler is located in the center of cone crusher, so the whole system will spin around it then cone crusher can be far away from the facial of adjusting cover smoothly to make stone strongly stricken, squeezed and curved to crush stone.

In this operating process, if there is some unbroken object like metal objects fall into the crushing machine, the mechanical spring would compressed and transformed so that the unbroken objects can be expelled out and protect the machine from being destroyed.

When there is some unbroken thing jam in the cone crusher or over-weighed, the spring would realize security, at this time, issue of the cone crusher expand, then unbroken objects can automatically exude out. There also may be another situation , that is if unbroken objects cannot exude out smoothly, one can use the cleaning off system to enlarge the issue to let those objects exude out. After that, the cone crusher can get right with the help of mechanical spring, the cone crusher machine can work well again.
When you want to adjust the cone crusher issue larger or smaller, you can adjust it with the help of hydraulic pressure; you can also do it manually.

Actually, according to the long-term utilization of cone crushers, the work of repair is not so much. For itself, it is with good quality and good equipment, each part of this kind of machine combines to work effectively. It almost works as you expected as long as you choose the right one for your needs.

Of course, everything has two sides. So no matter how good the products are, it still has some occasional matters. Once you are not so lucky to encounter such times, you can follow the products instructions or ask professions to deal with your problem. Please keep in mind that don’t repair it with your own imagination if you are not so good at this field.

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