Some Notes When Buying Rock Crusher

There are mainly following 4 kinds of rock crusher : hammer crusher, jaw crusher , impact crusher and cone crusher . We can buy rock crusher online or from slid shops. Whether we buy crushing equipment online or not, there are some notes we should put high attention to.

1: to buy rock crusher, find the manufacturer directly
There are a lot of customers looking for a middleman rather than manufacturers, because distributors generally provide relatively low price, but what we don’t know is that their choice of manufacturers are the ones where they can get big profits. Quality of the product can’t be guaranteed, so user's interests can’t get guaranteed, too. And some intermediaries are even fraud, adding cash after the equipment has handed over deposit, or adding money to get accessories when customers have purchased the equipment. So not only can't customers saving money, but also feel bitchy.

2: do not covet cheap, be sure to shop around
Buying cost-effective products is a good thing, but good things will not always happen to you. Buying equipment going to manufacturers to look at the product is the best choice, and tries the machine to test it. This will make it clean which manufacturer produces the best equipment.

3: Investigate the product reputation
The reputation of a manufacturer is quite important. But how to inspect the factory‘s reputation? On-line inspection, we can search on the Internet "the manufacturer name + liar", to see whether the company has a lot of negative news, then you can make you decision. Down-line inspection, we can consult customers or users of the equipment to know the quality.

4: the selection of equipment manufacturers, avoid disorderly recommended products
Broken materials for mining industry are: limestone, granite, basalt and so on, different rock needs different rock crusher equipment. If a material is too hard, you need to use hard –material crushing equipment. Some manufacturer salesmen only pursuit of personal interests and regardless of the loss of customers recommending low-end products, which causes customers regularly replace hammerhead and equipment loss. Therefore, customers should search online to find out what type of stone crusher they need to crush their material.

5: after sale service systems of the crusher sales enterprise
Stone crusher is a large product. Its working principles and structure are complex. Therefore, it needs professional personnel to carry out the maintenance and guidance which requires perfect after sale service systems. So, choosing enterprise with good after sale service is necessary!

Hope these notes will help you make a better choice when buying rock crusher.

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