Analyze the Developing Trend of Rock Crusher

What do you think about the development trend? How do you analyze?
Nowadays, excess capacity has become one problem have to be considered which has been greatly hindering the development of rock crusher enterprise. Can development of China economy towards urbanization direction in the future break the deadlock in the development of crusher industry? There is not doubt that the speeding processing of Chinese urbanization will play a good role in promoting crusher industry development , but how much will that effect be?

Previously, government policy as an affecting factor was seriously limiting the development of stone crusher in Chin. But it is undeniable that in the past dozens of years, stone crushers in China indeed achieved rapid development with the national infrastructure and a number of government investment policy. From jaw crusher to hydraulic cone crusher, from cone crusher to mobile crushing and screening equipment, China has made considerable progress in crusher technology. But now, China infrastructure remains stagnant, leading to the problem that broken machine industry is also suffocated. Only when guided by the development policy can China crusher industry develop in longer term? So, that requires of development of new technology and constant innovation to achieve excellence in productivity. It also needs to make suggestions to user in the design improvement of operation, so as to bring to total cost savings. Aiming at the demands that crusher production not only save time and save cost, but also has the advantages of simple operation etc in the same time.

Getting to where they are today, can stone or rock crusher in China withstand the world economic crisis has become a have to problem. In the past decades, the progress of

China's economy has accelerated, demand of rock crusher product in the market soared leading to domestic production enterprises only paying attention to production and ignoring the quality. In fact, all those did not have much role in promoting the improvement of crushing technology, but led to a massive excess capacity.

In face of all sorts of development pressure, Chinese enterprises have to face the fact of rectification in crusher industry, which requires the enterprise to make decision of giving up some of low-tech, productivity difference, supplies serious products. Otherwise the enterprise will be in the competitive environment of being eliminated. In order to improve their product technology level, many crushing machine enterprise are now referring to the world's top heavy crushing machine enterprises’ experiences to carry out technological transformation, in order to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises of various products.

Above is just an analysis of the development trend of the stone crusher.

Now in applications of crushing equipment in industrial are of great variety and the classification methods of stone crusher are various, too. Crushing equipment, like stone or rock crusher can be classified according to the working principles and structure characteristics: jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher,rock crusher and grinder etc.

1. Jaw crusher
Jaw crusher works by moving movable jaw plate periodically to pressure the fixed jaw plate and crushing material sandwiched between two jaw plates. According to the moving jaw movement, jaw crusher can be divided into simple pendulum jaw crusher and complex sway jaw crusher. Jaw crusher which is also called "tiger's mouth" not only has a history, but is one of the most efficient crushing equipment.

2. Cone crusher
Cone crusher is using the conical surface in swing motion cycling around the fixed cone, crushing material clipped on the two by extrusion and bending. It can be divided into coarse crushed gyratory crusher and cone crusher using in middle pieces.

3. Roll Crusher
Roller type crushing machine has two rolls rotating relatively. The roll surface can be with teeth. So roller is also called toothed roll crusher. It mainly breaks stones by splitting broken, but also by extrusion broken. According to the number of tooth, roller can be divided into single tooth roller, double teeth roll and multiple tooth roller cracked crusher.

4. Impact crusher
Hammer crusher and reaction crusher both are kinds of impact crusher. This crusher has a high-speed rotation of the rotor, which is equipped with a hammer. When pulled into the crushing machine, that materials will gain energy from high-speed rotating hammer or the high speed rotating rotor and then get shattered by crushing into the crusher wall or ad hoc walls.

5. Grinding Machine
Grinding machine is a hollow cylinder with a hollow shaft necked both of the ends. Materials go into the cylinder on side and production out from the other end. The cylinder equipped with grinding medium (steel, steel bar or gravel), according to the different grinding medium, grinding machine are divided into ball mill, rod mill and pebble mill. The media is brought to a certain height and whereabouts when cylinder rotates, then crushes materials through impacting and grinding effects.

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