Factors Influencing Rock Crusher Working Efficiency

Some of the most important fields in China are the cement industry, paving, mine and so on. Stone crusher now is with good prospects: Construction of cement roads and other infrastructure will inevitably pull crusher industry growth; crusher update is only a matter of time; the large-scale development of China's western region is raising a large demand for rock crusher. The continual expanding of domestic demands, increasing paces of infrastructural construction have been driving the rapid development of crusher industry. Because it is the source of all raw materials, let’s imagine the productivity without rock crusher!

Production capacity of crushing machine is a very important part that users care about, and what can be the influencing factors of this part?

Now let’s do a simple description from the following 8 points:
1. The hardness of materials. The harder the materials are, the more difficult are to crush up, but also more serious wearing the rock crusher equipment. The broken rate is low, of course, crushing capacity will be low, too.

2. The material humidity. When the material containing large amount of moisture, materials are easy to attach to the rock crusher, and is easy to stem the transporting pine, then decrease crushing capacity.

3. Fineness of materials after crushing. The higher fineness requirements are, the lower crushing capacity.

4. The material components. Powders in materials before crushing influence crushing. For these fine powders attached easily effects delivery.

5. Crushing equipment’s resistance of wearing decides capacity largely. If not wearable, it will greatly low the crushing capacity.

6. The temperature on the rock crusher. When working, various parts of the machine are in their respective normal temperature ranges. When crushers are in crushing process, be sure to prevent overload operation in cold, and ensure the normal operation in low preheating stage.

So the machine reaches the specified temperature and works in normally. Don’t ignore the problem because it hasn’t show the importance; the second, prevent mechanical operation at high temperature. Founding out problem, immediately stop the machine and check, then exclude the problem. In daily works, pay more attention to check the operation status of cooling system. For the water-cooled machine, check and add cool water daily; for air-cooled machine, clean the dust air cooling system regularly.

7. The corrosion: Metal surface can have reaction with the surrounding chemical or electrochemical what is called corrosion. This will not only affect the normal work of the outside part of mechanical equipment, but also destroy the internal machinery parts. For this kind of destruction is invisible in most of time, it’s easy to be ignored. So the greater t harm it can do. In usage, the managing and operation personnel should take effective measures according to the local weather conditions, air pollution to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion. The focus is preventing chemical composition of rainwater and air.

If you have considered the factors that will influence the efficiency of the crushing equipment, you will sure the quality of the machine.

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