Rock Crusher, Do You Know It?

The classification of the rock crusher

Generally speaking, the rock crusher can be divided into two kinds. One is medical rock crusher and the other is mining rock crusher. The medical crusher is mainly applied to the crushing of the calculus, usually in order to avoid the risks that the operations bring, it uses resonation to crush the calculus.

Identically, the mining rock crusher is mainly applied to the crushing of all kinds building stones. According to the difference of the smashing principles and the particle size, the crushers have many models. The crusher is available for wild industries, they are mining, smelt, construction materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry. And the crushers which are used in common are jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydro-cone crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, compound crusher, cone crusher, two-stage crusher, gyratory crusher and mobile crusher etc..

Different types of crushers work differently. Let us take the ring hammer rock crusher as an example. The hammer crusher depends on the striking energy to complete the work of crushing materials. When it works , the electrical machine drives the rotor to rotate in a high speed, the materials are put into the cavity uniformly, and the materials are crushed by the rotated hammer of high-speed and the shear of the torn materials. At the same time, the materials'own gravity makes the material rush at the baffle and the grating. Under the rotor, there is a grating to let the crushing material which is smaller than the mesh size eliminate., and the crushing material that is bigger than the mesh size will still stay on the grating to be crushed until it could be eliminated.

The material meaning of the rock crusher

Purpose: every year, there are a great deal of raw materials and the recycling wastes need to be disposed by the rock crushers in some industrial sectors as metallurgy, mining, chemical engineering and cement. For example, in the dressing plant, in order to make the useful mineral up to the level of individual separation. We should use the crusher to crush the material of the required size.

Significance: in the chemical division and the electric power department, the stone crusher machine crushes material to add the superficial area of the material which creates favorable conditions for chemical reacting time of material. With the fast development of the industry and the quickly decreasing of the resource, recycling wastes of each department becomes more and more important. Because these wastes need to use rock crusher to crush, therefore, the crusher machine plays an important role in many sectors.

Above all, the rock crusher is very helpful both in the medical treatment and mining, so mastering some relevant information is not useless.

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