Professional Tips for Impact Crusher Operator

Each Manufacturing step is very important for a equipment while any manufacturers will appeared has vulnerability during the producing process,such as there has been a personal reaction said that he had his new Nokia phone bought less than one month broken although it is widely recognized that the brand Nokia is quality proved. By coincidence, the consumers of Gree air conditioner has declared that the machine he bought has a water leakage despite the fact that Gree is the most reliable air conditioner brand in China. We are not supposed to say no to the entire brand due to contingencies, nor do we ignore the safety because of brand effects. When it comes to impact crusher,the safety and stability are two key points that we care about except from the functions.Unappropriate operating will causing big problems indeed. There are several tips for operators operating the impact crusher ,details are given below.

Before we use the impact crusher,check:
1, whether the spring tension is normal.  
2,whether the screw fastening is comfortable
3, does the machine running (sensation and sound) normally.  
4, if the oil pumps, oil ring work correctly and checking the tubing for blockage.  
5, ensure the adequacy of slippery oil.  
6, make sure the ministries bearing temperature shall not exceed 50-60 degree.  
7, be sure the co-operation between the thrust plate and support pad seat is normal, does not tilting or moving.  
8, see if the void spaces have friction surface (particularly e-shaft parts).  
9, the motor load, temperature, sound situation.  
10, the funnel for blockage, see if the feed ore amount is biased to one side.

Operating the impact crusher:
1, power on before make sure the eddy hopper observation gate are closed in case of any dangers.
2, whenever make initial start after wiring, check the rotation direction of blade to see if it conforms to the mark.
3, the activation sequence should be: discharge----crusher----feeding, the shutdown sequence should be opposite this way. Active for a while before feeding.
4, feeding granules should strictly fit the requirements, removal of excessive material or else damage of the impeller might occur.
5, stop feeding when the discharge equipment stops working
6, stop the impact crusher when in the case of strenuous vibration or abnormal noise.
7, lubricate it every 4-6 hours during operating.

The lifespan of a machine is believed to some extent depends on how the operator operating it.As we know , it will certainly expand its lifespan and consequently reduce cost for company if it has been taken care of ,why not?

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