Best Tips for You to Import Impact Crusher

Ever since the joint venture of Sanme and Hazimake company in German, the more advanced Germany technology of impact crusher had been introduced in and recreating a new HC series of hydraulic impact crusher. Sanme HC series hydraulic impact crusher has optimized the crushing chamber, the rotor is now designed to be large-sized and heavy-duty, improved fixtures plate hammer and makes it more reliable,nevertheless,there are more humanization design in the series which makes the maintenance more convenient.

Compared with the traditional impact crusher,the new HC series hydraulic impact crusher has the following technical advantages:

1. Optimized cavity, high yields, large crushing ratio, investment will be reduced as a result.

2. Larger items will be able to be crushed with the enlarged inlet orifice design. Moreover, when crushing hard materials such as limestone, the new HC series can effectively replace Jaw Crusher and the series have comparative advantages dealing with construction and demolition waste like reinforced concrete

3. By increasing the grinding chamber designs, it is not only enlarging the crushing ratio, smaller the produced materials but also gives the finished products a better shape. Thus more choices are given to the clients, larger the scope of application will be.

4. The design of heavy duty rotor is not only increases the reliability but also increases the moment of inertia of the rotor and the processing capacity of the crusher will be improved along with; the fix way of flat hammer has improved to make it easier for board hammer replacement and make the fix of hammer more reliable.

5. Optimization of iron overload and over protective devices enable the impact plate’s retracting in the case of overload and the impact plate will back to its position, continues to work once the load returns to normal.

6. the introduction of design of hydraulic power, greatly facilitate the discharge opening adjustment, makes it easy to open the upper bracket and get into the crusher for the inspection, reparation and replacement.

Along with the introduction of HC series hydraulic impact crusher, more products line will be create with the combination of advanced technology in Germany, to satisfy the increasing requirements of clients both in China and abroad. All in all, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and talents and innovation, is the way in which we have to walk through.

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