How to Repair a Impact Crusher

There is a need to repair the impact crusher designedly to ensure the normal and perfect work of the machine. The maintenance may contain routine maintenance check, minor repairs and so forth. (1) minor repair: mainly covers the inspection and repair adjusting device, gap of high-speed discharge opening, replace of wear liner. Repair transmission parts, lubricating system and change the oil.Minor repair period is about 1-3 months. (2) in addition to small repair work, there are something more added, including replacing the thrust plate, liners, check and repair the bearing. Cycle is generally around 1-2 years. (3) besides all repair work mentioned above, also includes replacing or turning the eccentric shaft and moving jaw spindles, casting rod Babbitt and replacing or repairing all wear parts. Overhaul period is 5 years.
Common faults and troubleshooting of impact crusher:
1:Symptom: Host suddenly shut down
Causes and solutions:
1) discharge opening jam---clean the blockages;
2)belt skidded was occurred by the looseness of V-belts of slot gear---adjust or replace the v-belts;
3)eccentric axis tight set lining sets loose, caused machine rack of bearing block within on both sides of no clearance, makes eccentric axis card died, cannot turned;
4)under-voltage---adjust the voltage to the requirement of host;
5)bearing defects---replace the bearing

2:Symptom:Hosts Geneva and mobile jaw working functioning, but crushing work stops
Causes and solutions:
1) Tensioning spring breaks---replace the spring
2) The lever breaks---replace the lever
3) Toggle plate shedding or breakage---reinstall or replace the toggle plate

3: Symptom: Production does not meet factory standards
Causes and solutions:
1) Crushed material hardness or toughness are over the use of the specification range---replace or use addition crusher
2) Reverse motor wiring location leads to the host drive against the normal (the moving jaw clockwise rotation), or Motors line were connected in star---change the line in a proper way
3) Discharge lip is small than request ---adjust the discharge lip to standard
4) Jaw-Crusher plates had shifted--- correct the relative location of the stationary jaw and movable jaw
5) The clearance is too large due to the wearing within the moving jaw and the bearing---replace either moving jaw or bearing.

4:Symptom: Eccentric shaft bending or breaking
Causes and solutions:
1)Host rollover occurs during hoisting causing the eccentric shaft unilateral forced and bent---use a new eccentric shaft
2)The solidity of material is beyond the impact crusher’s capability---replace a new eccentric shaft or choose a new impact crusher basing on its resilience.
3)Host overloaded in a long-term---replace a new eccentric shaft and makes the working time more reasonable
4)Improper handling of the eccentric shaft thermal, stress concentration resulting in short breaks---replace a new eccentric shaft which is qualified in thermal treatment.

5:Symptom:Adjusting base was broken
Causes and solutions:
1) Brackets and toggle seats are procurement or remanufactured and do not conform to the designed requirements---change to genuine ones
2)The fixing bolts are loosing--tighten the fixing bolts
3)There are serious casting defects or welding defects of adjusting base---change a adjusting base

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