Practical Jaw Crusher is Now a Trend

Jaw crusher is used to the medium size crushing of all kinds of ores and large materials and widely applied in the industries of mine, smelt, building, highway, railway, water conservation and chemical engineering. The highest compressive strength of broken materials is 320MPa. The performance of it is big-broken, granularity-product, simple-construction, reliable performance, convenient maintenance and low operating costs.

According to the breadth of feed port, jaw crusher can be divided into three kinds---large scale, medium scale and small scale. The breadth of the large-scale machinery is more than 600MM, the medium-scale is between 300MM to 600MM and the small-scale is less than 300MM. The construction of the jaw crusher is very simple, and it is easy to make. The work of jaw crusher is reliable and the maintenance is very convenient. The working portion of jaw crusher is two piece of jaw. One is fixed jaw, which is fixed vertically on the upper wall. The other is sewing jaw whose location is slant. The fixed jaw and the sewing jaw form crushing cavity. The sewing jaw do es the periodic and reciprocating motion to the fixed jaw, sometimes separately and sometimes closely. When it is apart, materials enter the crushing cavity and the final goods discharge from the bottom. When it is close, the materials packaged between two gnathostegites suffer from crushing, buckling, separation and then be broken.

According to different shaking modes of sewing jaw, jaw crusher can be divided into three types---simple oscillating jaw crusher, complex oscillating jaw crusher and comprehensive oscillating jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher has not only various categories but also many features.
1. Deep crushing cavity without dead zone improves the abilities of feedstock and output.
2. The size of broken is big and the grain size of products is very uniform.
3. The adjusting device of filling piece throat is reliable and convenient. The range of adjustment is very wide, which increases the flexibility of equipment.
4. The lubrication system is safe and reliable. Changing the assembly units is quiet convenient and the maintenance of equipment is very easy.
5. The construction is brief, the work is inerrable and the operation expense is low.
6. The energy saving of equipment: the energy saving of single machine is 15%~30%;the energy saving of system is more than double.
7. The adjustment range of throat is wide, which can meet requirements of different users.
8. The noise is low and the dust is little.

During the operation of jaw crusher, there are some mistakes. So we have to know how to maintain it.
1.the lubrication of jaw crusher
We have to pay more attention to it and do the lubrication in the friction surface timely.
2.the maintenance of jaw crusher
In order to keep the jaw crusher under the normal work, in addition to the correct operations, we have to schedule maintenance, of which contains routine maintenance and inspection, minor repair, medium maintenance and heavy repair.

After the introduction of jaw crusher’s categories, features and the way of maintenance, you will know the practice of jaw crusher and choose this kind of crushers to buy.

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