The Working Principle of Double Toggle Jaw Crusher

The most common used jaw crushers are divided into two:single toggle jaw crusher and double toggle jaw crusher. In the operating of the former one, the movable jaw swing simply in a circle,so it is also called simple swing jaw crusher; the latter swing in arc and move up and down, so it is also called complex sway jaw crusher. Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries for crushing various materials whose compressive strength less than 320 MPa.

Principle of double toggle jaw crusher

Moving jaw hang directly on the eccentric shaft at the top, as a crank and connecting rod, directly driven by the eccentric shaft eccentric, the bottom of the moving jaw hinge thrust plate supported on the posterior wall of the rack. When the eccentric shaft rotates, moving jaw points on the trajectory is carried by some circular lines (radius equal to eccentricity), downward into a oval, the oval bias along with a downward trend until the trail of the junction between the lower part and trust plate becomes a arc. Horizontal travel of upper part is about 1.5 times that of the lower, so that meet the needs of compression for crushing lump ore of the upper crushing chamber. In the meanwhile, the entire vertical travel of the moving jaw is larger than the horizontal travel, especially the discharge orifice and its vertical travel is about 3 times that of horizontal travel, hence fostered discharge and increase productivity. Practice has shown that, under the same conditions, production capacity of double toggle jaw crusher is about 30% higher than that of single toggle jaw crusher. However the wear of the jaw is too fast and smashing is serious.As the machines moving jaw points on the trajectory is more complex, it is called complex swing Jaw Crusher as well.

Compared with the single toggle jaw crusher, double toggle jaw crusher has the following advantages: it is more light weighted, less widget, structured more compact, better filled degree of broken cavity, loaded material block was uniform broken, and the productivity is 20-30% higher than the same specification single toggle jaw crusher as the lower part of moving jaw pushes the finished materials mandatory; moreover, the materials in the bottom of moving jaw has a rough movement up and down, easy to produce cube shaped products out, reduce the number of tablets shaped ingredients like single toggle jaw crusher did,which means it provides a better products quality.

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