Jaw Crusher Installation Notes

Jaw crusher is a gear periodically by movable jaw approaching and leaving repaired jaw to broken the products entered in crushing cavity. It consists of the base part, movable jaw part, principal shaft part, connecting rod part, thrust plate part, flywheel part and engine part.

How to install and check the jaw crusher?

1. jaw crusher necessities to be set up in a spot sheltered from raindrop, do not put in the open space.
2. the engine must be set up at the rear of the jaw crusher, the rotation path should be completed in accordance to the demand, and could possibly not reverse.
3. thanks to that the vibration of jaw crusher is big at function so the appliance must be set up on the concrete groundwork. For the purpose to decrease noise matter, vibration and impact in the direction of the nearby constructing and framework, it should certainly spot tough wooden pad, rubber belt or other damping products in between crusher and concrete groundwork. It must be arranged apart discharge trough on groundwork. The discharge trough must be laid a layer of metal plate and have sufficient inclination angle (must rely on the liquidity of product, should certainly not be much less than 50 °), to avoid blocking the productive induction of broken matter.
4. the dimension of discharge opening must be adjusted in accordance to the product or service particle dimension. When adjusted, it must loosen the bolts and taut spring firstly. Use bolts from the best prop the adjust bottom, insert or consider out some corresponding gaskets, then return the bolts from the top. The adjusted bottom below the actions of press of weight media to frame ear seat, at the similar time media the gaskets set on jointly. Then, you must adjust spring string level to make sure that the toggle plate clings with toggle plate pad when the appliance functions. Spring tension ranges should certainly be arranged at the phase that can eradicate the noise in between toggle plate and toggle plate pad but not effortlessly drop away at function, lastly it is a great idea that lock the adjust bottom.
5. the coordination and control in between jaw crusher and other gears must be in favor of the assembly collection functioning, make sure the functioning encounter without the need of congestion.
6. for the purpose make the transport of raw product and completed product or service handy, it is much better to use the mechanization transport gear for feeding and discharging products.
7. prior to the step of commissioning, you should tighten up all the screws and connecting elements, verify the lubrication problems.
8. firstly making use of human being energy proceed the pulley to verify the operating is unimpeded. Then do the check without the need of filling.in two several hours it should not have result, seal leakage, noise and pulley swing and shafts loose and so forth. Temperatures go up of bearing must not a lot more than 35 levels, if uncover any complications it should quickly make the appliance stop and do inspection.
9. consumers must check the jaw crusher with fill by 10 several hours and adopt next tough ore if there is no above complications and the temperatures go up of bearing is not more than 70 levels. Then it can be then put into production.

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