Offer You the World of Jaw Crusher

In 1858, the America Engineer Black invented the first jaw crusher in the world. The jaw crusher can only be used to break a few pieces of rock at that time. In twentieth Century eighty years, jaw crusher has developed into a large-scale crusher with crushing 800 tons per hour of materials, the broken material particle size up to 1800 mm. As a result of lagging manufacturing technology, China had heavily introduced jaw crushers from abroad into domestic. Simultaneously, technical experts were working to improve jaw crusher at home and abroad, had prompted a large number of jaw crushers used in industrial production. Now jaw crusher models mainly include: hydraulic jaw crusher, no grinding jaw crusher, impact jaw crusher, direct drive module type jaw crusher etc.

Jaw crusher, also known as the tiger's mouth, its crushing chamber is composed of the movable jaw and quiet jaw, and simulates animals’ two jaw to crush materials. The advantage of jaw crusher is obvious in the mineral primary crushing, bulk material crushing, save energy, less noise, so it is widely used in mining, building materials.
Mine comprises of coal, metal ores, non-metallic minerals, building materials and chemical ore mine and so on, can be said that mine is momentous source for materials in our life and production. Initially, people used artificial hammer to excavate mineral resources, due to inventions of the machinery and equipment, the artificial factors were becoming less and less, while jaw crusher appeared to deal with these great guy, it’s quite significant. Ore contains a variety of resources, and the ore is limited, so people can make full use of jaw crusher to smash rocks for producing medium grained materials, and used cone crusher to produce more fine-grained materials.

Building materials
Building materials include three categories: structural materials, decoration materials and professional materials. Structural materials consist of stone, cement, concrete, brick, ceramic, glass, and porcelain. Rock crusher is mainly used for the smashing of structural materials. The production process of stone is simple, shattering one time with a crusher, both jaw crusher and impact crusher can do that; the production process of cement concrete is complex, which generally concludes several crushing job, industry usually uses jaw crusher as primary crusher.

The highway construction is a big project, which needs to perform the original ground elevation measurements, to determine the standard, select materials, then filling, followed by a paved road base, finally paving asphalt concrete surface layer. Road construction materials include cement, asphalt, coarse sand, and gravel etc. In the initial stage of road construction, materials need to be prepared to obtain a particulate materials with jaw crusher is necessary, and the need for further crushing materials, other rock crushers can do matter.

Smelting is to extract metals through roasting, smelting, electrolytic and chemical method or reduce impurities contained in metals or increase the composition of metals, made metals which needed. In order to raise the efficiency and purity of metal smelting, it’s necessary to deal with raw material work during crushing stage. Industry often use jaw crusher to break mineral materials and get the medium grained materials, as it should be selecting the rock crusher according to the characteristics of metallurgical products. Some smelters companies usually use cone crusher to pulverize materials for achieving more fine-grained materials.

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