Enjoy Yourself A Close Look to Jaw Crusher

Industrial crusher is very momentous in industrial production, its basic characteristics: multiples of models, large processing quantity, which mainly includes four types: jaw crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. Jaw crusher has smashing ability with other crushers in common, also different from them, however, all of them are widely used in metallurgy, mine, chemical engineering department, cement, building materials, electric power and railway etc.
There are several applications of jaw crusher in some industries:

Metallurgy is the extraction process and technology of metals or metal compounds from ore. Metallurgy produce general metals, its products include non-ferrous metals and gold yet. The production process of these substances is complex. The equipments, facilities and operations are over a broad area, operation is cross and frequent, factors is risk, requirements for mechanical equipments are strict. In metallurgy, jaw crusher used for the medium hard or hard ore crushing and grinding. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing ore and rock that their Platts hardness is ≤ 5 ~ 16 kinds, while the other crushers less than them.

Mine includes coal, metal ores, non-metallic minerals, building materials and chemical ore mine and so on. Mining operation is not only the consumption of manpower at most, occupies most money, which is also the biggest potential production process to reduce cost of mining. Due to higher accuracy requirements in the process of mining operation, cone crusher is widely used for mining depend on its characteristics of high power, crushing ratio and high productivity. In metal mines, jaw crusher is also used for the medium hard or hard ores crushing and grinding. As for these mines close to city, usually use jaw crusher in virtue of its low noise making.

Cement production, generally can be divided into three steps: raw material preparation, clinker and cement made. In the first step, raw materials need to be grinded for processed in the next step. Fineness is an important criterion for the production of cement, the finer cement particles, faster curing speed and higher early strength will have. Therefore, in order to improve the fineness, manufacturers usually use jaw crusher or cone crusher for raw materials crushing. In addition, because the cement production process will produce a large number of powder layers, the jaw crusher has high degree of automation and reduces manual operations, which is why it is regarded as the major equipment.

Building materials
Structural materials are the main building materials, including wood, bamboo, stone, cement, concrete, metal, tile, porcelain, ceramic material, soft glass, engineering plastics and composite materials etc. These materials are in every corner of the house and take momentous roles in the construction of housing. For non-residential housings, materials are relatively simple, mainly with bricks and cement, which need to be smashed into medium size materials by using jaw crusher. As for commodity houses and villas, due to the high quality requirements and numerous materials selection, crushers can crush different levels of materials. Cone crusher may be a fine crushing, while jaw crusher usually refers to as the primary crushing machine.

Railway generally built by stone, sand, twitter, steel, cement, railway sleepers and etc. People take the train should have an understanding of the construction of the railway that rails are formed below the middle size stones, at the start of production, these stones are usually broken by jaw crusher or impact crusher. High-speed railway transportation speed is several times more than ordinary trains, the track construction and materials requirements are higher. In addition, high-speed rail usually runs through the city, the process of railway construction is required low noise and less pollutions, noise pollution jaw crusher made is very low, therefore, jaw crusher is also essential production equipment in the high-speed rail pavement construction

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