DIY Your Own Rock Crusher

Rock crusher has several types and each type has its own specialties, but they have the same function--crush stones. The large rock crusher has a good production but it is expensive while the little rock crusher is less expensive and can even be made by yourself. If you want to make your own rock crusher, you can read the article below. And before starting, make sure you have prepare these tools: 10-by-16-inch iron board (1/2-inch thick), measuring tape, permanent marker, 12-inch iron pipe (4-inch diameter, 1/4-inch thick), arc welding kit, welder's mask and gloves, quick-dry cement, metal mixing tub, trowel, 6-inch iron pipe with one capped end (2-1/2-inch diameter, 1/4-inch thick) and 3-foot iron rod.

Step 1
Find the center of the iron board. Make a clear mark at the center of the board. Use the arc welding torch to weld the 12-inch pipe to the center of the iron board, remember to put on the welder's mask for protection. Pour the quick-dry cement into a metal container and mix the cement throughly.

Insert the 6-inch iron pipe into the wet cement and pack the 3-foot iron rod, and make sure the 3-foot iron rod is in the middle of the 6-inch iron pipe. Wait the cement dry. Add few rocks into the upright 12-inch pipe. Hammer the cemented rod pipe into the 4-inch-diameter base pipe.

Step 3
After all these steps, you can check whether your own rock crusher works properly. Pour some rocks into the crusher, and pump the cemented pipe up and down to crush the rocks. When the rocks have been crushed into your desired size, pour over the gravel by lifting the iron board.

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