Different Types of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a type of rock crusher. It can be divided into two major types according to its different working principle, Double-toggle jaw crusher and overhead eccentric jaw crusher. Of course, both of the two types of jaw crushers can be used to crush stones. You need to choose the right type when you need to use a jaw crusher. This article tells the differences mainly from three aspects: structures, working principle and selection.

Though they do the same function in crushing rocks, the structures of the two types are different. The double-toggle jaw crusher consists of a swing jaw, a stationary jaw, an offset eccentric shaft, a pivot point and a double set of toggles. On the contrary, the overhead eccentric model contains a flywheel, adjusting wedges, hydraulic rams, a pullman, a sizing gap and a crushing chamber.

When materials are poured into the machine, the jaw crusher crush stones into small pieces by the moving of the plates. One of the plates is stable, while the other is moving. The moving plate move against the stable one to crush stones, and the two plates are made of different materials which makes the two plates have different breaking point.

When we need to choose right jaw crusher to meet our needs, we need to consider the dimensions of chamber itself, the design and what the stationary plate is made of. When we need to crush the rock desired, a less-durable plate can suit our requirements.

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