The Precautions and Maintenance of Stone Crusher

As is well-known, stone crusher bearing undertakes the entire load of the stone crusher, so favorable lubrication has a great impact on the maintenance of the stone crusher’s bearing. It affects the life of the machine and the operation rate directly, thus the oil that is injected into the stone crusher must be clean and sealing property must be very good.

The stone crusher’s main oiling position: (1) Rolling bearing (2) roller bearing (3) all gears (4) free bearing, sliding plane. The newly installed tires must always be checked regularly,as they prone to loosening now and then. Keeping notice of whether the various parts of the stone crusher working properly.

Due to relatively poor working conditions of the stone crusher, it bears greater torque or vibration during operation. In turn, these vibrations will cause failure of drive system and the common bearing housing, abrasion of bearing, as well as the friction loss of spindle head, keyway, belt pulleys and coupling inner hole.

What are worse, due to the production site dust and poor lubrication conditions; it will accelerate the wear of transmission parts. In addition, given the high level of the modern enterprise production automation and continuity, equipment required for the smooth running of production is increasingly high. The stone crusher equipment is also developed toward large-scale, high-yield quantization gradually. The difficulties about demolition, transportation, maintenance of stone crusher are also increasing accordingly. If there aren’t advanced maintenance tools, equipment problems in the event of the above cannot be solved quickly and efficiently immediately, which is bound to affect the production seriously.

The maintenance of the stone crusher is as followed.

The solution of stone crusher bearing abrasion is listed below:

As hammer crusher is affected by various factors during operation, the wear and tear of bearing is caused by hit. According to the methods, the bearing of stone crusher needs to be brushed after welding or repair. However, the high temperature thermal stress generated by welding cannot be eliminated completely. It is inclined to cause minor axis during operation which will resulted in a major accident. As the electric brush affected by the coating thickness, is very easy to peel. What’s more, it will wear again under the combined effects of various forces.

The polymer based composite is equipped with superior adhesion, excellent compressive strength overall performance, so we can use it to maintain stone crusher. According to the mold remediation, free-demolition, free-machine work, these problems can be repaired quickly and efficiently. As a result, the stone crusher can avoid being abraded further, and the life expectancy of equipment components can also be extended successfully (including the bearing).

The solutions of head crusher shaft keyway and coupling inner holes damage are listed below:

Because of the impact of various factors during the whole processing of stone crusher, the first axis and keyway wear incline to bend or break; electric plating maybe peeled easily by a coating thickness limit. These methods are using metal to repair metal under the combined effects, so this relationship of “hard to hard” cannot be changed.

The polymer based composite is provided with superior adhesion, it can repair the stone crusher efficiently with free bearing chamber wear and will keep the stone crusher good maintenance. There is no thermal stress on welding; the thickness of repair is also not limited.

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