Here Are Several Advantages of Sand Washer

Sand washer, like stone crusher, is widely used in construction areas actually. Sand, stone or rock are necessary materials for buildings. Although sand washer has only simple structure, it has many advantages.

1. The structure of sand washer is very simple. Impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water, sand and materials. Therefore, the rate of bearing damage resulting from water, sand and pollutants reduces greatly.

2. Sand washer is superior to traditional one in washing sand. First, the loss of sand and stone powder is much less than former one. After washing through the machine, sand will be of high grading and fineness modulus that is able to meet national demand recorded in “Building Sand” and “Building Stone” etc. Second, the wheel bucket sand washer is made up of wear resistance parts other than screen mesh. The machine is quiet durable for this design. Third, sand washer’s service life is long. So, long-term maintenance is not so necessary.

3. Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large processing, low consumed power, high washing degree. These features ensure that this series of machine can be efficient and durable. At the same time, the fancy sealing structure and the full blockade oil bath gear makes sand washer a remarkable machine. At last, the adjustable weir plate ensures that fine product is capable of being kept in order.

4. Sand washer applies to all kinds of working environment. Therefore, this kind of machine is able to use for washing, grading and dehydration of short grained sand that is widely used in construction sites, gravel plants, hydroelectric plants, concrete dam site and other industries.

5. Sand washer has some features in common with stone crusher. Therefore, stone crusher is able to be used for disposing materials too. However, there are some difference between stone crusher and sand washer. Sand washer is better in washing sand in construction sites.

6. Sand washer’s structure is so simple that it can work stably. And it is able to work in all kinds of working environment. There is almost no quick-wear part on the machine. Therefore, sand washer has a long life. The cost of production will be greatly reduced because it almost doesn’t need to be repaired. Bearings are separated from water and sand which would result in rustiness. As a result, the condition that sand washer damages due to rustiness is able to be avoided efficiently.

7. Sand washer is mainly used for removing impurity such as dust and powder in sand products.. Mostly sand washer deals with machine-made sand. Stone crusher produces this kind of sand. So, sand washer and stone crusher can cooperate with each other well in construction sites, gravel plants, hydroelectric plants, concrete dam site and other industries.

With the continuous development of society, construction of road traffic and resident facilities will be largely strengthened. In the situation, the demand of sand must be more and more. Therefore, the development prospect of sand washer is bright and the advantages of sand washer will be more important.

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