Do You Know the Rock Crusher Family

The industrial use of crusher is often called rock crusher, according to the working principle. This rock crusher family mainly divided into four types: jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher. The following will briefly describe the history and characteristics of these rock crushers.

In 1806, industrial production appeared with steam-driven roll crusher. In 1858, American Black invented new rock crusher, called jaw crusher, which can break up rocks and it’s also the world's first jaw crusher, named from its shape. Shape of this rock crusher looks like crocodile’s teeth, in order to emphasize outstanding characteristics and broken performances of large quantity.

As the role of a wide range of jaw crusher, excellent performance, lighter body weight, while the domestic rock crushers do not have these advantages so that was a large-scale introduced into domestic. Now, China has been able to produce higher performance jaw crushers, this change also brings the development of rock crusher industry.

Counterattack crusher
Counterattack crusher was born in nineteenth Century 50 years, later than the world's first jaw crusher for nearly 100 years. At that time, with the development of the western countries’ productivity, jaw crusher has been unable to meet the needs of production and breaking technology, people began to explore the new rock crusher models. In 1924, the Germans first developed primary level of counterattack crushers, and they are counter type single, double rotor two types of crushers. In 1942, the German Andreson summed up the experience of their predecessors, invented modern crusher structure similar to the AP series counterattack crusher. This rock crusher with high production efficiency, large handling capacity, simple model, easy maintenance, thus obtained the rapid development. At present, counterattack crushers also generally maintain these characteristics, which use more widely.

Cone crusher
Before the advent of cone crusher, roller crusher had been born over one hundred year and gyratory crusher had been born more than twenty years. The early twentieth Century hydroxide method has a great development, it needed more fine products. However, every kind of rock crusher existed is not able to meet the requirements. For example, in 1931 the new Brow-Hell Improvement crushing plant used different types of rock crusher, but the results did not just as one’s wishes, which eventually forced people to develop efficient and fine rock crusher. In 1927, the gently inclined cone crusher began to be used in industry, and had been continuously improved and developed. Now cone crusher is relatively advanced rock crusher species, relay on its large capacity, simple operation, stable performance, processing to achieve finer granularity of the material, it has been widely used in more areas.

Impact crusher
Impact crusher came out later than the above three rock crushers, it is a new type of rock crusher, widely used in river gravel, rocks, ores and other artificial sand, also used in the production of construction, highway pavement, cement concrete aggregate and fabric. In the grinding anterior of mining area, the rock crusher was used to finely process in the metallurgical, power, chemical industry, also often replaced other rock crushers to crush materials. Although roles are wide this rock crusher play, but the most well known is still the sand making function. The device has the advantages of small volume, convenient operation, installation and repair that deeply are trusted by people.

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