Certain Details of Multi-purpose Cone Crusher

Cone crusher can break minerals and rocks in the hardness of medium and above. Compared with other crushers, cone crusher has these advantages---high-efficient broken, lower energy consumption, granularity products,etc.

The Brief Introduction of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is a high energy crusher with German newest technology and the world’s advanced level. It is obviously different from the design in the constructure of traditional cone crusher and centralize on major merits of each known type of cone crusher so far. In comparison with other types of crushers, the performance and characteristics of cone crusher is more energy-saving, high-efficient, environmental.

The construction of cone crusher consists of the frame, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, broken cone, transmission, eccentric bushing, these main parts and electrical engineering, lubrication, these helpers. PY type of cone crushers are divided into coarse crushing cone crusher, the cone crusher, finely cone crusher. The cone crusher fits for all kinds of minerals and rocks in the hardness of medium and above.

The Performance of Cone crusher

The series of cone crusher is suitable for breaking all kinds of ores and rocks whose compressive strength is not more than 250MPa. It adopts to break hard and medium hard materials in the mine, metallurgy, building, chemical engineering. Cone crusher is most suitable for intermediate crushing and fine crushing of medium and small resource depots. The cone crusher uses the construction of lower jaw hanging shaft. The production is very high, toothed plate has long life, energy consumption is low and the strength of products is uniformity. With the development of society and technology, the cone crusher will replace old-fashioned crusher gradually.

The Features of Cone Crusher

1.reliable seal
Cone crusher uses the labyrinth seal, taking the place of past-used water seal. It makes dust not into the machinery in order to keep the clearness of drawing, extend the working life of sliding bearing and thrust ball bearing and make reliable operation.

2.easy to change
The speed of pass-used crusher is low, while the new construction of cone crusher changes the broken walls very quickly. Because card pins are fixed on the upper broken walls, which are fixed by jacking bolts and the installation of lower broken walls is through the fastening of hydraulic nut. The reverse side of upper and lower broken walls does not need any filling materials. As a result, in the aspect of changing fastly, it reduces the worker labor of intensity.

3.adjust the opening
It uses high-pressure resistant displacement sensor. And the place of adjusting the throat is in the operation room. As long as a button, there is show on the operating table. Then, you can see the size of throat needed to adjust. It is very convenient and accurate.

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