Differences Between Portable Jaw Crusher and Portable Cone Crusher

Nowadays, the portable jaw crusher and portable cone crusher are all widely used in different industries. But there are some differences between the two kinds of crushers.

The following are the brief differences between the portable jaw crusher and portable cone crusher.

The portable jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. All kinds of ores and crushing rocks of medium size such as quartz lump ore have a good effect. Coarse crushing equipment which is often used is cone crusher and jaw crusher. In order to correctly select and rationally use the jaw crusher and cone crusher, now we should briefly analyze the differences of the two kinds of crushers.

Cone crusher’s crushing cavity depth is large. Its continuous work can bring high production capacity and low power consumption compared with jaw crusher. It has the same feed mouth width of jaw crusher, but its production capacity is twice more than the jaw crusher.

Cone crusher’s work is smooth. Its vibration is lighter and the basic weight of machinery and equipment is smaller. The basis weight of the cone crusher is usually two to three times of the weight of the common machinery and equipment, while the basis weight of the jaw crusher is 5 to 10 times the weight of the machine itself.

The cone crusher can feed full materials. And the large cone crusher can feed directly the original ores, without adding ore bin and feeder. But jaw crusher can't fully feed and needs to feed evenly. So it needs to set up an ore bin (or feed funnel) and feeder. When ore block is greater than 400 mm, you need to install expensive heavy duty apron feeder.

Cone crusher is easy to start unlike the jaw crusher which starts with auxiliary tool rotation heavy flywheel (except piecewise start jaw crusher). Besides, the broken flake product produced by cone crusher is less than jaw crusher.

However, cone crusher’s cycle of the fuselage is higher which is generally 2 to 3 times higher than jaw crusher. So the workshop construction costs more. The machine weight of cone crusher is bigger. It is heavier 1.7 to 2 times than the same mine mouth size of jaw crusher. So its investment cost is higher. Compared with cone crusher, installation and maintenance of the jaw crusher is simple and its maintenance is more convenient.

When we choose the design of coarse crushing equipment, we should also consider the nature of the ore, product particle size requirement, plant scale and equipment configuration conditions, etc. according to the expert’s advice, when we deal with ore flake and a long strip of hard ore, we need to take two or even more than two jaw crushers to meet the production requirements. When a cone crusher can work, we should first choose the cone crusher. Especially when coarse crushing plant configuration is in the slope of the terrain, this plan is more favorable. When we crush wet and sticky ores or produce the small mill plant, it is appropriate to choose jaw crusher. As for the pit under the broken, we usually choose a jaw crusher.

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