Who First Invented the Crusher?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the machinery and construction industry, the crusher is no longer strange to us. But when did the stone crusher appear?

In ancient China, he mortar and pestle were used as a kind of simple crusher, which applied the lever principle. And it’s considered to be the prototype of the crusher. In the modern era, the crusher was invented when the steam engine and electric motor were gradually improved and promoted.

In 1806, the roll crusher that was driven by the steam engine appeared. It sent the materials into the particular area by the surface friction of the roller. Then the materials would fall apart under extrusion or splitting. Now the roll crusher is usually divided into single roll, double roll and multi-roll crusher according to the number of rollers. It is suitable for crushing coal, lime-stone,cement and feldspar. Besides, this kind of crusher has the simple structure and is easy to manufacture. Today it’s still been used in many fields.

In 1858, E.W.Blake from the United States invented a new stone crusher and rock crusher. That is jaw crusher. It could crush solid rocks better as a result it could be used more widely. The working principle of the double-toggle jaw crusher was a little more complicated than the roll crusher. Via the pendulum motion that the movable jaw board periodically closed to or left the fixed one, the materials would be squeezed, fractured and impacted when they come into the crushing chamber. After being crushed, the materials could be discharged by gravity or downward thrust from the swing jaw. In the 1980s, the commonly used jaw crusher were the double-toggle jaw crusher and the single-toggle jaw crusher. Unlike the former, the single-toggle jaw crusher could also move up and down, therefore it was called complex swinging jaw crusher.

In comparison with jaw crusher, its working efficiency is significantly higher since it has continuous crushing action. The gyratory crusher was used in 1878 by the American Charles Brown.

The cone crusher was originally designed by American Simmons brothers and was used in a concentrator in 1920.In 1948, the A.C. Company in the USA developed a hydraulic cone crusher. It could take out of the materials which run into the crushing chamber but should not be crushed. At the same time, it could adjust the size of the discharging mouth in order to make broken granularity even. This greatly reduced any damage hazard and guaranteed the high quality, with the presence of undesirable and oversize materials being more or less ruled out.

The deigner of the first impact crusher is a Doctor in the former West Germany Hase Munger Companyhe. After the second war (1945) , as a new type of crushing equipment with low energy consumption and high efficiency, the impact crusher appeared on the market. Compared with the hammer crusher, now the impact crusher can save more energy because it can more fully utilize high-speed impact energy of the entire rotor. But as the plate hammer is easy to wear and tear, the application of hard material crushing is restricted.

The emergence of these crushing machines greatly increases the effectiveness of the crushing operation. And after several years of development and innovation in our country, the main technical performance, the main technical index, the product type, etc,are close to or reached the international advanced level. But due to a late start there is still some difference, especially in the case of technology innovation and manufacturing process.

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