Cone Crusher Is Different from VSI Crusher

VSI crusher is short for vertical shaft impactor crusher. Both VSI and cone crushers are the popular crushing machines used to minimize the size of rocks. The size of rocks or other hard materials can be reduced and the shape of these materials can be shaped more perfectly. It seems that VSI and cone crusher are performing the same functions, however, there are amounts of differences between them. In the next, we will talk about the differences from three aspects: the working principle, the property of raw materials and final products. And we hope that the information can inform you of the desired knowledge.

What is the difference between working principle?
The materials in cone crusher is pushed by the spindle. This device moves with an unregulated path and the materials will be broken down under the powerful surface force while they are pushed against the hopper. On the other hand, VSI crusher takes advantage of velocity to accomplish crushing process. The rocks or other materials are thrown by the rotor which runs in high speed. And the strong crush chamber will rebound the hard materials with extremely huge pressure.

What is the quality of final product?
Due to the different working principle, it is no wonder the mechanical properties of the final products are different. The working performance of VSI crusher is more gentle and so the products are shaped evenly. On the other hand, the particles made by cone crusher is relatively irregular. But the production capacity of cone crusher is considerably high.

Which type of materials are the crushers suitable to crush?
The substances which can be fed into cone crusher can be mid-hard or harder materials. When it comes to VSI crusher, it is used for wider application. VSI crusher performs effectively to break down both hard rocks and soft ores etc. Apart from these two crushers, there are other types of stone crushers you may need. According to the size and hardness, the crushers you choose should be able to meet all your demand. And if you are searching for reputable stone crusher manufacturer now, welcome to visit:

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